The Original Barn & Silo
The Original Barn & Silo
The Hubbard House
The Hubbard House

From humble beginnings, to the breathtaking facility that stands today, The Silo has a long, rich history rooted in Southwest Michigan. Allegan’s first settler, Elisha Ely, arrived in 1833 to prospect the area. He was immediately captivated by the land, as it’s nestled perfectly along the winding banks of the Kalamazoo River. Elisha sent word to his Eastern backers regarding Allegan’s immense potential. One of those backers was a Massachusetts Supreme Court justice named Samuel Hubbard. In 1834, Hubbard and the other backers purchased thousands of acres and formed The Allegan Company, the driving force behind developing the Village of Allegan. The one-lane iron bridge, originally constructed in 1886, still stands today as a constant reminder of this town’s heritage.

Silo Construction
Ivy Covered Silo

When the current owners, Dan and Marcia Wagner, purchased the property in 1998, they cultivated the old farmhouse, formerly The Hubbard House Restaurant after Samuel Hubbard, into The Grill House Restaurant. The Grill House is now featured on The Travel Channel as a unique place to dine.

As local business owners, Dan and Marcia always try to shop locally to support our great town. However, when planning their daughter’s wedding in 2003, it was impossible to find a local venue with ample capacity. That said, they saw a need within our community and immediately went to work on how to rectify it.

Aerial Views of The Silo
Aerial Views of The Silo

In turn, we bring you The Silo. Built where the barn of the original farmhouse once stood, our Grand Ballroom exemplifies “Elegance in the Country.” The only piece of the old barn that still stands today is the original stone silo, our namesake, of course! Just as the iron bridge adds an era of nostalgia to downtown Allegan, our silo adds the perfect combination of historic preservation and country charm. Come see for yourself!

The Silo Banquets & Catering
The Silo
Banquets & Catering