Frequently Asked Questions

There are many beautiful local inns and lakefront homes for rent by owner. Mill Pond Realty has a handful of large homes less than five miles from The Silo.

Yes. You are welcome to provide your own centerpieces and decorations, provided that they are in compliance with local fire codes. Confetti and glitter are not allowed in The Silo. The use of nails or tape on painted surfaces is also prohibited. Any décor brought in must be taken from the building at the end of the event.

The Silo offers time to decorate at no additional charge. Your event room will be available no later than 4 hrs. prior to the event start time. 4 hours prior is also when all deliveries can begin such as cake, florist and D.J.’s. Special times may be possible based on availability. Please consult your Event Coordinator.

Your event start time will be prearranged with your Event Coordinator. That predetermined time reflects when we will be ready to receive your guests. Those that may arrive earlier will be asked to wait in the foyer until your designated start time. The service of the meal will be based upon the scheduled arrival time of the wedding party. It is important to schedule this as accurately as possible in order for the food to be served at its highest quality. 

Additional time is available at the rate of $200.00 per hour. The Hosted bar service will still end 1/2 hour before the originally scheduled end time. Cash bar can be made available for any additional time.

The Silo is a smoke free building. However, smoking is permitted on the outside balcony.

Fifty percent of your total invoice will be due 60 days before your event, and the remaining balance will be due 10 days prior to your event. (It is important to note that the first 50% payment is based on your projected number of guests, and that number will be adjusted to reflect your actual final head count at the time of the second 50% payment.) Any additional charges incurred after your remaining balance has already been paid will be due at the conclusion of your event. We request a credit card on file for this purpose.

The Silo will accept credit cards, cash, personal or certified check.

Yes. Your final count should be based upon the number of seats you will need to accommodate your guests. Special children’s menus can be made in advance with our staff if needed. For children ages 3-12, we offer a special plated meal of chicken strips with macaroni and cheese OR access to the buffet for $10.95 per person.